Test Equipment for Wireless Links

Whilst professional test equipment is expensive, there are several pieces of basic equipment you should buy to enable you to set up links efficiently:

  1. A good quality omni directional antenna (8-12db). This should be used for checking for interference and site surveys
  2. A good quality directional antenna (14db+). This is for locating sources of interference and site surveys.
  3. A laptop with an Orinocco or similar card for measuring signal strength and link quality.
  4. A copy of netstumber to check for interference.
  5. A set of good quality link leads that you keep for reference.
  6. We also use a hand held PC with a built in WiFi card; this makes it very quick to do aerial surveys.
  7. If you intend to do a lot of links, a spectrum analyser and an 802.11b/g test set are good investments
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